Everything we do at the KOOKOGEY Institute for the Study of Truth – tutoring, teaching, consulting, and mentoring – is motivated by an unencumbered pursuit of the Truth and an unapologetic communication of it.

Before we can communicate Truth, we must first know what is true.  And we cannot know what is true unless Truth is our object, that is, unless Truth is our earnest desire.  Then, and only then, can we recognize the nature and defects of competing ideas and defend against counterfeits.

In all things, we cast off the myth of neutrality. Everyone takes sides.  We just have the courage to admit it.

Successful defense of the Truth demands that we recognize that everyone has beliefs that underlie each and every assertion he makes.  In the words of the late Dr. Greg Bahnsen, “…man’s intellectual reasoning is an expression of his religious posture.” What we believe is the starting point for what we think and for the conclusions we draw from what we see.

Consequently, we must believe what is true in order to see and understand things as they really are.

While we believe that Truth is revealed, good teaching can lay the foundation for its revelation.  Our goal, then, is to inspire the reception of Truth through good teaching, and to urge its vigorous defense through acts of moral courage.

We intend to inspire the greatest generation of Christian apologists in American history, young men and women equipped with the intellectual force to understand Truth and the moral force to defend it.

The times demand it, and we intend to answer the call.